Child Care Centre

Our Early Learning Centre is a Long Day Care Centre

Catering for:

Children from 6 weeks—school age
Kindy Program
Before/After School care.

We are open between 6.30am—6.00pm Monday to Friday

The Early Learning Centre


We are delighted to introduce you to St. Michael’s College Early Learning Centre. The College is an independent, non-denominational school with excellent learning facilities and resources, set in peaceful bush surrounds.

Whilst the Early Learning Centre is run by a Director, the College Principal plays an integral part of the management of the Early Learning Centre.

Our logo (above) reflects the four pillars of learning that is adopted by the College, and we have interpreted these for our youngest members of the St. Michael’s College Community.

  • The Child reading the book represents the Academic growth of the child.
  • The Heart in the tree represents the Spiritual growth of the child.
  • The Paintbrush represents the Cultural growth of the child.
  • The Ball represents the Physical Growth of the child.

We invite you to take a moment to explore the wealth of information available below or call in and visit our beautiful Early Learning facility.


ELC Tree


The building is a ‘U’ shaped design with a 0-3 year old wing, 3+ wing and the Administration runs along the top.

We have 5 rooms designed for Long Day Care and one room especially for those bigger children in the Outside School Hours Care Program.



The Nursery will be our special cocoon for our littlest people. It is a lovely room with views to the playground and a dedicated outside crawl space. It has a climate controlled sleep room, a shared change room and kitchen (with the Toddlers).


The Toddlers will be a lovely transition room for the babies, slightly larger in space and access straight onto the playground and Atrium. The Toddlers have a unique shaped room with opportunities to extend play with an adjacent glassed room.

Junior Kindy

The next room is the Junior Kindy room. What a fun room here! The children being the oldest of the 0-3 wing so having the opportunity to be the ‘big’ ones in the playground. This larger and light filled room is on the end of the building so has plenty of windows and a view of the playground and also the opportunity to watch sport days on the new school oval! 

Pre - Kindy

The Pre - Kindy room is a truly exciting room. It is a fantastic sized room with lovely big windows and doors to the outdoors. They have a tremendous sized sandpit right outside their door!


The Kindy room is our dedicated space for the children who will be attending Prep in the following year. They will have sessional programs and operate under 2 Groups – Mon, Tues Group and Wed, Thurs, Fri group. Each group will be offered 15 hours+ of Kindy program per week which is under the ‘Universal Access to Kindergarten Program’ by the State Government.

This Educator will be a Qualified Teacher and deliver a program following the Qld Curriculum Guidelines and/or Early Years Learning Framework. There will be access to before and after Kindy care if needed.


The OSHC (Outside School Hours Care) room will be the place for Schoolies to come and relax! It will be their club and special place to hang out after a busy day at school! This room has an IT Area. We will provide experiences that suit the many requirements of the school children from couches to read on, craft, games, outdoor play. We can even collect them from after school activities within the school grounds.

Your child can expect the following during their day at St. Michael’s College ELC:

  • All children start the day with outdoor activities and play. We have beautiful playgrounds with bike paths, sandpits, digging patches, mounds, water play areas and spaces for quiet play.
  • Your child will have opportunities for music and movement every day, craft and creative time, rest and relaxation time and of course meal times!
  • They will have photos taken of their day and on display for you every afternoon.
  • The Educators look forward to discussing with you the day they have all had, paying particular notice of how your child settled in and what fun they managed to have!


Q. How do I put my child on the waiting list or find out if there are any places available immediately?

A. Ring the Early Learning Centre (ELC) on the number below and speak with the ELC Director or the Administration Officer who will be happy to chat with you about your needs and give you the appropriate forms.

Q. How will I find out if my child has a place in the Early Learning Centre?

A. The ELC will be in contact with you when a place becomes available. But you are more than welcome to ring and ask !

Q. What are the fees?

A. Our ELC schedule of fees (per day) are ELC Fees 2019 or OSHC Fees 2019

Q. Are there any ‘extra’ fees?

A. There is a $35.00 (inc GST) waiting list fee.  We also have a $30.00 (inc GST) enrolment acceptance fee which will be on your first account.

Q. What’s included in the Fees?

  • Add all meals are supplied to children from nursery to Pre - Kindy. Kindy children receive Morning and Afternoon Tea only
  • Nappies, wipes and creams etc
  • Hat
  • T-Shirt
  • Sunscreen
  • Cot Sheets (nursery only)

Q. What do I need to supply?

A. Change of clothes, Spare underpants x4, Lunch and water bottle and bottles for those children drinking from bottles. Kindy children supply their own lunch in a non-insulated lunch box. (they go into a fridge during the day).


Ph:   (07) 5428 2777
Fax:  (07) 5428 2117
Email:  elc@smccab.qld.edu.au







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