The College motto, 'Wisdom through Growth' epitomises our educational approach at St Michael's, where we recognise that knowledge and capabilities are developed and ‘grown’ through application and effort.

The curriculum is planned around our Four Pillars of Learning: Academic, Spiritual, Cultural and Physical.


St. Michael’s College has a well established and high quality Prep program.   

The Prep program is planned with the developmental needs of this age-group in mind. The  Prep curriculum incorporates a rich program in literacy and numeracy, which forms the foundation of academic learning at the College. Each Prep classroom is supported by a full time teacher aide. This enables the prep staff to differentiate the curriculum to cater for the needs to students wether that be additional support or extension work.  

The St. Michael’s College Prep program is child-centred, and planned with the developmental needs of this age-group in mind. The Prep curriculum incorporates a rich program in literacy and numeracy, which forms the foundation of academic learning at the College.  Our Prep program is characterised by exciting and stimulating learning experiences that foster childrens’ creativity, love of learning and develop a positive attitude towards learning at school.

The Prep year is our first year of entry at the College, and provides an essential transition between students’ early learning prior to school, and the Primary curriculum.

Years One to Three

Our Infant curriculum is stimulating and exciting for young learners, whilst establishing literacy and numeracy as the building blocks of learning. 

At St. Michael’s, we are aware of the individual learning journeys of our students. Our Year One to Three classes are supported by qualified and experience Teacher Aides until the lunch break each day, which enables a constant cycle of ‘small group teaching’.  Students are assessed and monitored by their teachers so that they can work in small groups in the areas of Reading, Writing and Mathematics with others at a similar level of achievement in that area. 

Although a wealth of learning also happens in ‘whole class’ lessons and students richly benefit from working with and alongside students of a range of abilities, small group teaching allows us to focus in their exact learning needs in Reading, Writing and Mathematics each day.

In this way, we provide a learning environment for your child that is diverse and rich, and targeted to the student’s needs at any given time.

Years Four to Six

Our students in Years Four to Six are encouraged to use their ‘foundation’ knowledge from their Infant years to grow and extend themselves as learners. There is a strong focus on assisting students to become independent and organised in their learning. Students begin to use Homework diaries to organise their homework and commitments, and begin to prepare and submit larger pieces of work for assessment.  Teacher Aide support continues to be provided to enable additional assistance.

In these year levels, we consolidate early work in understanding how memory works, how to learn new information and skills effectively, how to manage stress and anxiety, and how to approach assessment challenges. 
Students undertake a range of units of work that integrate subject areas, creating links between the disciplines and enabling students to build a broad body of knowledge and skills.

Our Year Five and Six all benefit from our state-of-the-art  1:1 notebook (laptop) program, and are supported in being role models in our College.
Senior students wear a different school uniform, and all students in Year Six nominate for a Leadership position in the College.
Throughout their final year of schooling, our school leaders take on a range of responsibilities and are supported in exploring their leadership potential, (e.g. a Prefect interested in the environment may implement a recycling project, and our School Captains speak at local ANZAC Day ceremonies).

Our Senior program forms a vital transition between Primary and Secondary schooling.

Senior students are also encouraged to participate in extension opportunities across the curriculum, (e.g. enrichment days, gifted and talented camps, music extension days, choral workshops, interschool, district and regional sport).

At the end of Year Six, graduating students attend a candle lit service in our chapel and a dinner with their parents, which includes celebrations of their learning journey at St. Michael’s College.







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