Curriculum Offerings


Religious Education

Christian beliefs and values underpin the ethos of St. Michael’s College.

Students in all year levels participate in a Religious Education program that examines Christianity and its teachings. The Religious Education program at St. Michael’s fosters an understanding of the Christian belief system, and empowers students to apply that knowledge in their roles as family members, school students and members of our community.  Upper Primary students also study major religions of the world in detail, to foster an understanding and appreciation of differing cultures and religious beliefs.

Learning Support/ Gifted and Talented

St. Michael’s College has a comprehensive Learning Support program.

Students in Prep and Primary classes are assessed using a range of formal and informal screening and observation tools to ensure that students with Learning Support or Enrichment needs are identified and supported in order to achieve their potential.

A Learning Support program, available to students with learning difficulties, includes classifying learning needs, planning individual education programs and organising remedial resources with the classroom teacher. 


St. Michael’s has a newly refurbished and high quality library facility. The Library includes a teaching classroom equipped with Interactive Whiteboard, and a computer laboratory.

Students in all year levels from Prep to Year Six attend lessons in our library, and it is considered the ‘learning hub’ of our College. It is an inviting and stimulating environment designed to support the curriculum as well as providing a welcoming environment for students during play breaks.



The College has a strong commitment to the provision of current Information and Communication Technologies in the curriculum.

Every classroom is equipped with an Interactive Whiteboard so that ICTs are employed to optimise curriculum experiences. In addition, the College has a 'bank' of laptop computers, three Computer Labs for class use, with computers in classrooms or mini-labs available to all students from Prep to Year Six, class sets of iPads and our Senior classes in Years Five and Six teach using notebook (laptop) computers for each student.

Students use ICTs at school every day, and ICTs are integrated into learning experiences in all year levels.

St. Michael’s College also provides a comprehensive robotics program, unlocking the mysteries of ‘programming’ for students from Prep to Year Six.



St. Michael’s College employs a Music Specialist to provide a comprehensive Music program at all year levels from Prep to Year Seven. In addition, students can elect to join Music extension activities that are provided during the school day as follows:

Senior Choir
 St. Michael’s choral program is a leading program in South East Queensland. Our choirs have performed in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast Eisteddfods with resounding success.

Instrumental Music
This program is supported by Instrumental Music Specialists, and enables students to study an instrument in a small group teaching situation and perform in a College band. Instrumental lessons are held in small groups during the school day, and the bands rehearse one day per week. All bands will perform at school and in public throughout the year.


St. Michael’s College has a strong reputation in South East Queensland for excellence in Drama.
Students in all year levels from Prep to Year Six have the opportunity to participate in staged Infant and Senior Musicals at least twice during their Primary schooling.

Our Musicals are attended by large audiences and give students an opportunity to perform in a professional theatre situation in our Performing Arts Complex.


St. Michael’s College students participate in a strong Physical Education program from Prep through to Year 6.

Students compete in Interhouse competitions in Cross Country, Athletics and Swimming. In these events, talented students are supported in competitions at District and Regional levels and beyond.

Students in Years 5 and 6 also participate in an Interschool competition where they play Softball, Soccer, Netball and Touch Football against teams from the Sunshine Coast area.


The College is committed to providing a comprehensive camp program for all students.  The camp program cost is included in the tuition fees for each student and does not constitute an additional expense for families.  Please refer to our Fees Policy for more details about our all-inclusive tuition fees.

Camp provides opportunities to develop social skills, interpersonal communication skills, physical skills and builds class rapport. Our camps are linked closely to the curriculum covered and as such provide an opportunity to extend classroom learning in a safe, challenging environment. All camps are organised and run by the class teacher, who is assisted by other staff members from the College.

The camp program begins with a ‘first’ overnight sleepover in the tunnel at UnderWater World in Year 2 and culminates in the leadership and team-building experiences at Canberra, Sydney and The Snow in Year 6.

Our camp program provides camps as follows:

Year 2    2 days, 1 night at UnderWater World, Mooloolaba
Year 3    2 days, 1 night at Mapleton Camp, Mapleton
Year 4    3 days, 2 nights at Currimundi
Year 5    4 days, 3 nights at Emu Gully Camp, Helidon
Year 6    5 days, 4 nights at Canberra, Sydney and The Snow

Extra-curricular activities

 InTennis: We have a Tennis Coach who provides tennis lessons on our school tennis courts before and after school.

Gymnastics:  We have a qualified Gymnastics teacher running Gymnastics classes and  Strength classes before and after school

Grasshopper Soccer Non-Competitive soccer program

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