The approved Kindergarten program is delivered at the Early Learning Centre. There is dedicated Kindy rooms with age appropriate resources.

The qualified teachers deliver a program that encompasses all the requirements from the Qld Kindergarten guidelines. All children that attend our Kindy will experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life (Qld Kindy Guidelines).

Our Kindy program embraces nature play. We have regular time to play in the ‘paddock’ and the ‘gully’. Children take supervised risks and attempt many challenges. This leads to opportunities to develop skills in negotiating the environment, how to use equipment safely, develop coordination skills and learn about consequences – all skills needed for life.  

Often parents ask about Literacy and Numeracy. (learning to write, read and do Mathematics). These skills come naturally through everyday play. It’s important for you to know that we don’t have formal lessons, we foster all the skills children need before being able to write, read and do Mathematics. Numeracy is more than just counting. Patterns, sorting, shapes and arranging are all examples of Mathematical thinking. Mathematical language is used and concepts are developed in a fun and engaging manner.

Whilst we have sessions for Kindy we also offer before and after Kindy care. This means if you require care outside of Kindy hours you can easily take advantage of this – whether you are a working family or you have appointments, all you have to do is let Administration know.