The College P&F hold a number of key fundraising events throughout the year.

Students enjoy participating in fundraising activities and we encourage families to support the P&F's endeavours as all profits are put back into the school for the benefit of the students.

Mother's Day and Father's Day

Students can attend our pop-up store to buy gifts for their loved ones for Mother's Day and Father's Day. The store is arranged by the P&F and run by a team of dedicated parent volunteers over three days. 


P&F volunteers put together lovely hampers for Easter and Christmas. The P&F also create a Monster Raffle for the Fair from donated prizes such as gardening tools, tickets, wine, beauty accessories, vouchers and even holidays! 

Medieval Tournament

The P&F operate a food tent over the 2 days of the Medieval Festival. A team of staff and parent volunteers have a great time preparing and serving food to hungry Festival goers. Once their roster is complete, our volunteers have the opportunity to attend the Festival and enjoy the medieval showcase.

Charity Donation

Students can participate in Pizza Monday by purchasing a slice of pizza for lunch. The profits raised from Pizza Monday are donated to different charity organisations each Term.