St. Michael's College Tuckshop thrives on being a happy and healthy environment.  School Tuckshops have come a long way over the last few years and our College is no exception.  You will find a variety of healthy food options on our menu, with gluten free and dairy free options. 

  • St. Michael's College Tuckshop will only use an online system for placing Tuckshop orders. 
  • Go to quickcliq to set up an account.
  • St. Michael’s College Tuckshop is available to supply fruit break, 1st and 2nd break on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
  • Freshly made pizza available on Mondays at 2nd break - Hawaiian, BBQ Meatlovers and Margherita - order using the online system.
  • Students in Yr 3 - 6 who wish to purchase ice-blocks or 'loose change' items from the Tuckshop at lunchtime may do so after the eating bell rings.
  • Prep - Yr 2 students are not permitted bring money to buy ‘loose change’ items from the Tuckshop.  All orders for Prep - Yr 2 must be placed via www.quickcliq.com.au

We are always looking for enthusiastic helpers for the Tuckshop. If interested contact Administration on 5495 8311