Junior Toddler

The Junior Toddler Room focuses on giving the children more freedom and expression in their learning environment. The toddler environment is full of active learners who explore, experiment and discover. Educators encourage hands-on learning and hope to foster a love of learning that will last a lifetime. Our program is child-led and follows the strengths and interests of each individual child. We do this by observing each child, noting their actions and abilities, their strengths and what challenges they are ready for. The activities we plan are developmentally appropriate and goals are set for the child to achieve. Young children learn most through hands-on experiences and for this reason the Toddler Room focuses mainly on sensory exploration and play.

We offer a free flow program throughout our days and the children have the opportunity to play in the indoor, outdoor spaces as well as the Senior Toddler room that is joined by our outdoor area. When the children are able to interact with mixed aged groups we can see that they are also able to scaffold their own learning through guided play with their older peers. 

The Junior Toddler Room offers the flexibility of individual child routines with our dedicated sleep room and progressive meal times. The room offers various learning environments that stimulate the children’s well-being such as creative art spaces, role play opportunities and quiet environments such as our reading areas. 

Our Educators offer a supportive, holistic environment for the children to develop a feeling of belonging in the St. Michael’s College Early Learning Centre environment.