The journey of St. Michael's College began in 1983 from very humble beginnings. We have grown from just four students in a small farm house to the current double stream P-6 campus that we are today.  

Throughout its history the College has experienced enormous growth.  The College offers quality learning based on the four pillars – Academic, Spiritual, Cultural and Physical. The campus comprises of four recently renovated, double classroom blocks designed in colonial style with wide verandahs, the Prep and Year 1 state of the art facility constructed in 2008, a new Learning Enrichment Centre incorporating Years 6, Music classrooms, Band classrooms and Learning Support, a refurbished library as well as a Performing Arts Complex used by the students for indoor sports activities and The Arts.

The College provides many shady play areas, ovals and other sporting facilities. The current enrolment is now around 340 students.

In 2012, the College opened the St. Michael’s College Early Learning Centre.  This outstanding facility provides care for children from 6 weeks of age to school age.

From the very beginning, the College, became a place of intangibles – the non sensory things which underpin, uphold and strengthen those who come into contact with our College community.  The love of learning, the building of skills, confidence and self knowledge, the striving to do ones best and the spirit of caring, hope and faith reflects our motto of ‘Wisdom through Growth’. 

Sporting Houses

There are three sporting Houses within the College.  As the house system commenced in 1986, the year that Halley's comet was seen in Australia, the three Houses in the College take their names from astronomers related to finding comets:

DONATI: colour - Red

HALLEY: colour - Yellow

TEBBUTT: colour - Green