Our Values

Our Values

We believe that the primary overarching purpose of St. Michael's College is learning for all, and that through mutual respect and caring, everyone is able to strive in dignity towards achieving their full potential.


We respect ourselves, others, property and the College's history and traditions.  We respect the rights of teachers to teach and students to learn. We are aware of the diversity of others and include them and their cultures with understanding and tolerance.


We will fulfill our responsibilities at home, at school and in the community and are accountable for what we say and do, accepting the consequences for the decisions and choices we make.  We resolve differences in a constructive, non-violent and peaceful way and take care of our environment.

Care and Compassion

We care for others and ourselves through the use of good manners, sharing our knowledge and creating friendships based on consistency between words and deeds.


We work together to reach goals by doing our share of the work, helping one another and working together with patience and tolerance.

Honesty and Trustworthiness

We strive to be honest, sincere and truthful knowing that healthy relationships are based on trust.